Test supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

1. Supervise technical operation and maintenance to support the overall work

2. Technical support process standardization, documentation, standardization, responsible for documentation, continuous process updates and business training for R&D personnel

3. Responsible for the docking work of the new customer interface, and responsible for timely response to the problems encountered in the use of the customer interface

4. Participate in company project testing

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors according to leadership requirements

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, computer-related major; more than three years of working experience in operation technical support or testing, and more than two years of management experience

2. Familiar with the use of daily software, strong document writing ability, proficient in using PPT

3. Strong team awareness, good overall planning ability, strong sense of responsibility, and good service consciousness

Product Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

1. In-depth understanding of aviation Internet and its business scenarios, and dig deeper into the needs of aviation travel personnel

2. Responsible for the product design and planning of the on-board portal website and extended scenarios;

3. Work closely with the development and operation teams, feed back business planning through data analysis, and implement product iterations on a regular basis

job requirements:

1. More than 3 years of Internet products, more than 2 years of experience in aviation or tourism industry

2. Possess product methodology, product experience from 0 to 1, and product scale development experience

3. Proficiency in using prototype and documentation tools commonly used by product specialists;

4. Experience in 2C&2B projects is preferred

Java Intermediate Engineer

Skill requirements:

SPRINGCLOUD, microservices, java

1. According to the distribution of development tasks, complete the design, coding and unit testing of the corresponding system or module;

2. According to the company's development process, compile relevant documents of the development process;

3. Feedback on the progress of the development process, tracking and handling of problems, and communication and collaboration with the team.

4. Be good at proactively discovering problems, putting forward reasonable suggestions, and actively proposing optimized project development methods

job requirements:

1. Computer-related major, bachelor degree, more than 2 years of Java development experience, able to independently develop application modules;

2. Familiar with Java development technology, familiar with common service software such as Tomcat and Ngnix;

3. Familiar with object-oriented programming methods, master the principles and use of commonly used open source frameworks

4. Proficiency in the use of Mysql database and SQL;

5. Be rigorous and pragmatic, have a strong sense of responsibility, be well-organized, and be good at learning and summarizing

6. Familiar with distributed architecture microservices

Customer Specialist (responsible for the whole country)

Work experience: Have more than 1 year experience in business trips inside and outside the province, and be able to travel alone.

Education: College degree or above

Age: under 28

Job content: Assist Party A's subsidiary company to promote system connection and maintain customer scale

Ability requirements: Have good customer communication, interpersonal communication and customer relationship maintenance skills, mature self-expression and logical thinking skills, strong learning ability and work responsibility, strong stress resistance, and self-direction And self-motivation

Administrative commissioner

job requirements

1. Full-time college degree or above, major in finance;

2. Good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability;

3. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit;

4. Proficiency in office software, administrative work experience is preferred

Job Responsibilities

1. Cooperate with the financial manager to handle related financial work

2. Assist in handling some secretarial administrative work